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Our drillers have a wealth of experience and strong support from multiple job foremen and the IDEA Drilling management team. We take a proactive, hands-on approach to assure competent, consistent results, and client satisfaction with every job we do.

Core Drilling

Core Drilling

Idea Drilling is a reliable core drilling company with a brand built on safety, environmental responsibility, innovation, quality and cost effective services. Idea Drilling also provides geotechnical drilling services, including projects for engineering firms and state departments of transportation. Our customer list includes some of the most prominent exploration and mining companies in the U.S. A majority of our customer projects are located in Minnesota, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Wisconsin, and we also provide core drilling services for customers in other areas of the U.S., including the Western and Southeastern regions of the U.S. Learn More

Difficult Access

Geo-Technical Drilling

IDEA Drilling has provided exceptional core drilling and surveying services for over a decade. IDEA is rapidly growing and utilizing the most advanced drilling and surveying technology available, saving our clients time and money. We also employ the wedge drilling technique, allowing us to take multiple core samples from a single hole. Idea has the products, tools, service, and expertise to handle both underground and surface-based projects. Learn More


Large Diameter Core Drilling

Most of Idea Drilling's customer projects are located on sites in northern Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin and many of these sites are covered with wetlands. Consequently, a significant amount of drilling is done during the winter months. Idea Drilling has developed an efficient and effective process to perform safe and environmentally sound drilling programs during the cold and snowy winter months. Learn More



IDEA Drilling is committed to being environmentally responsible by protecting and preserving the environment in which we operate. To deliver on our commitment, we constantly strive to develop and implement business practices that ensure we meet and exceed all federal and state environmental laws. Learn More